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AC Gear Motors

Panasonic make Servo Motors and Drives
Panasonic is biggest manufacturer of reliable Servo Motors and Drives. The motors have 8 to 12 poles on Stator and Permanent Magnets on the Rotor. This improves their speed accuracy and offers very good motion controls. They are manufactured in clean environment with automated manufacturing lines with zero defect. Various applications like cut to length, CNC Machines, Robots, Coordinate marking machines are perfectly achieved by using Panasonic Servo Motors and Servo Drives. Panasonic Servo Motors are small, light, powerful and speedy. The Panasonic Servo Drives are swifter, smarter and easier to use. Drives have inbuilt filters, modbus support and Panaterm Software support. The Panaterm is multifunctional Software which comes free.

Servo Motor break is DC type and it has to be operated by a separate power supply. Drive can be configured to switch this break ON and OFF as per motion. This break is used for keeping the rotor firm in position after it has been completely stopped. This is fail safe Servo Motor Break.

Product Range
  • Servo Drives A6 Series Minas
  • A6SE Series Basic type
  • A6SG Series Rs 485 communication type
  • A6SF Series multifunction type
  • Servo Motors A6 Series Minas
  • MSMF Series Low inertia type
  • MQMF Series Middle inertia flat type
  • MDMF Series Middle inertia type
  • MHMF Series Middle inertia Low speed high torque type
  • Servo Motors Liqi Series Minas
  • Input 230 volt single phase with 2500 PPR Incremetal Encoder MBDJT Type
  • Servo Motors Liqi Series Minas
  • MHMD Series 200w, 1000 watt
  • MHMJ Series 400w, 750w, 1000w, 1200 watt
  • Minas A (Obsolete Model)
  • Minas E (Obsolete Model)
  • Minas A4 (Obsolete Model)
  • Minas A5 (Obsolete Model)

Panasonic make Compact AC Geared Motors
Panasonic is biggest manufacturer of high quality compact Geared Motors. Many equipments need small size motors due to space complaints. To accommodate required power in small size Panasonic uses high Quality laminations, copper and insulation material in these motors. Bearings used in these motors are factory fitted with greasing material which last longer and do not require re-greasing. These motors come in different types like single phase or three phase, reversible or non reversible, break or without break. Suitable drives for speed control of these motors are manufactured by Panasonic and Lubi Electronics Ahmadabad. We also supply Delta Electronics make variable Frequency Drives suitable for three phase 230 Volts AC Induction Motors.

Decimal and Non Decimal Gearboxes with matching dimension are provided by Panasonic along with motors. Using these combinations you can get required torque and speed.

Servo motors / amps realizing rapid / high-precision response are used in semiconductor manufacturing sites and robots.

Our wide-ranging lineup supporting a wide variety of controls and communication methods allows you to select the motor just right for your needs.



AC Servo Motors


AC Servo Motors

AC  Motors, AC Servo Motors